Amateur Definition & Exemptions, and Restrictions


The payment of Suburban Rugby Union players is prohibited. There can be no cash inducement or incentive given to play for a Suburban Rugby Club.



An Amateur is one who does not receive or agree to receive, either directly or indirectly, any remuneration or reward whatsoever (whether by match payments or expenses or otherwise) in respect to their participation as a player in the NSW Suburban Rugby Union.




Not Permissible




Clubs may assist with or facilitate full or part time employment for a player, provided the conditions of the employment are consistent with current commercial practices.



Employment cannot be dependent on playing for the club.



Coaches, Officials


Non-playing coaches may be remunerated. Non-playing club administrators, canteen workers, etc, may be remunerated.


Qualified physios or doctors who are remunerated by their club may play.



Playing coaches, playing club officials or administrators, and playing club workers cannot be remunerated.





Costs directly associated with playing for the club (e.g. out of pocket injury expenses, insurance top-ups), provided these are available to all players.



Any expenses not directly associated with playing for the club, including services in kind (e.g. landscaping, professional services, travel expenses) cannot be paid.





Players may receive non monetary awards relevant to match day performance. The value of such awards cannot exceed $100.



Cash prizes, of any amount for any reason, cannot be given to players.



Education Assistance


Clubs may spend a max of $6K/season on the education assistance of colts eligible players (U21).

No individual player may receive more than $2K/season.

Such assistance may be given to a max of six players.

Such assistance is only payable to a recognized educational or training institution, and must be notified to the Union.



Education Assistance money cannot be paid directly to players.


Relocation Assistance


Relocation assistance, in the form of rent, lasting no longer than four weeks each, may be given to a max of four players. The players must be in their first season with your club and last registered overseas, interstate or with NSW Country Rugby


Such assistance is only payable to a landlord or equivalent, and must be notified to the Union even if no money changes hands. 



Rent money cannot be paid directly to players.


Club Subs


Any club subscription must be a bona fide fee for club membership, but clubs are free to set the level of those subscriptions, including discounts to particular groups or individuals.


Third parties may pay a player’s club subscription.




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